Frequently Asked Questions

The radio stations won’t play and there is a message saying “No Service”

If the radio shows this message it is likely that there has been change in frequency of the broadcast or the radio was interrupted during a scan for stations. A simple rescan of the stations or a factory reset will usually resolve this issue.

Where can I get replacement Aerial/Power supplies?

If there is a broken part we can send out a replacement free of charge. You would just need to contact us via email

My Radio is showing an incorrect time

Most VQ radios take the time automatically from the radio station that it is tuned into when operating in DAB mode. If you find that this is incorrect it may be down to the radio station you are listening to. You can try tuning to a different station or you can set the time manually by accessing the menu selecting Time and Date.

When can I expect my delivery?

All orders shipped next business day and we aim to deliver within the following timeframes, depending on your location:-

  • 3-4 Business Days – VIC, NSW & SA
  • 5-6 Business Days – TAS & QLD
  • 7-8 Business Days – WA & NT