VQ is a creative, design-led brand, our DAB Digital Radios and Bluetooth speakers are inspired by; the arts, interior design and fashion.

We don’t hide this inspiration away though, we share it with you so you can understand the journey each one of our radios has been on from first sketch all the way to your home.

We don’t just want to tell and show you what we do though, we want you to be part of the conversation, sharing the things that inspire you or telling us how our radios enrich your home.

So whether it’; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest – let’s all share what makes our lives a more beautiful and colourful place.



  • “Retro Mini is wonderful, the compact design make it perfect for the kitchen window sill and I love listening to BBC Radio 4 in digital radio quality.”

  • “I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen Emma Bridgewater print radios before, Rose & Bee is absolutely beautiful with the vintage radio design but it’s so modern, even with Bluetooth”

  • “I’ve never had a pocket radio before, but using Blighty has been great, I save my mobile phone battery and listen to normal FM or digital stations on the train.”

  • “The choice of colours is crazy I almost didn’t know which to choose but teal matched my sofa perfectly so the Hepburn radio is pride of place in my living room, it sounds amazing too.”

  • “VQ make some of the most unique radios I’ve ever seen, probably the reason I now own three, for different rooms around the house.”


  • On Retro Mini ‘The perfect radio for every budget, every room and every home’ – Which?
  • On Retro Mini ‘The Retro Mini is a rich and weighty listen, capable of reaching a decent volume’ – What Hi-Fi
  • On Retro Mini ‘Must Have Christmas Gift for Music Lovers’ – Ideal Home
  • On Retro Mini ‘VQ makes great quality and great sounding digital radios in more colours than your average tech company’ – The Independent

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